supplements & testing

As a Nutritional Therapist I have access to a wide range of high quality supplements from top quality manufacturers and which are not available on the high street. Although I do not see supplements as a long term commitment, they are often useful to support clients as they start their journey to better health. I will discuss any recommendations with you during your appointment, including what they do and why they will benefit you. They are however just recommendations and as such are an optional part of the plan.

In addition, I also have access to a comprehensive range of Functional Testing from private laboratories, for example food intolerance tests, stool and urine analysis, hormone balance tests or nutritional status assessments.

I may recommend additional testing to a client as a way to help identify the underlying causes of health issues. Tests are at an additional cost and are discussed during the consultations. They are entirely optional but can speed up improvements to health if clients choose to take them up.

Linda Thomas Nutrition

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