my philosophy

Good health means the difference between having a happy, active life and one which is compromised by chronic conditions and debilitating symptoms.

I believe that we can all help ourselves avoid, overcome or mitigate many common health issues. My aim is to help you enjoy the best health possible, whether that is by having more energy, better digestion, improved mood, being free from the fear of painful conditions such as IBS, migraine or PMS or addressing many other common problems.

Change is rarely easy, but it is never too late (just ask my 80 year old dad). Whether it is the food we eat, our lifestyle, job, relationships, fitness or even attitude to life we can make different choices. Sometimes it is just about altering how we think about something (such as chocolate!) and changing your relationship with food can be one of the most beneficial things you are likely to do for yourself.

Using Personalised Nutrition Plans, I can help you work out which foods benefit you, and those which don’t. You aren’t forced to eat foods you hate – spinach not your favourite? Let’s find an alternative or explore new recipes which might help you enjoy eating it. No food you love should be permanently “banned” but moderation may be a change you embrace as part of your path to better health. But it is up to you.

I think that the answer is to ensure balance – in what you eat and how you live. By establishing balance, and ensuring the majority of your food and lifestyle choices support that balance, you will be in great shape to cope with those occasions when you decide to have a little of what you fancy (oh all right then, just one more..)

I love my work and it is really rewarding to be part of the positive changes people can make. It is a thrill to see clients blossom and grow as their health improves, and to see how better health benefits their daily lives. I feel it is a privilege to have the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to help people feel at their best.


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